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Я. И. Капелюх

Природный заповедник «Медоборы»


В статье наведена краткая информация о дневных чешуекрылых, их биологических особенностях, а также условиях существования на территории природного заповедника «Медоборы». В энтомологической коллекции заповедника находится 596 экземпляров дневных бабочек 101 вида. Приведен систематический список с краткими экологическими комментариями. Подтверждено пребывание на исследуемой территории 6 видов, занесенных в Красную книгу Украины (2009), 3 – в Европейский Красный список и 1 – в список МСОП. Особое внимание обращено на виды степного и лугово-степного комплексов, сохранившиеся на небольших участках аборигенных биотопов, а также погранично-ареальные виды, что указывает на значение заповедной территории для сохранения биоразнообразия.

Ключевые слова: дневные чешуекрылые, экологические аннотации, природный заповедник


Ya. I. Kapeliukh

Natural reserve of «Medobory»


The article provides a concise information on Lepidoptera, Diurna, their biological features and value in the wild. It offers information about environmental conditions for existence of day butterflies on the territory of Natural Reserve of "Medobory "; it also highlights their most interesting ecological groups. The day butterflies include a big group of lepidopterans with the day-time lifestyle, namely Papilionidae, Pieridae, Lycaenidae, Nymphalidae. They are characterized by clavate antennas and absence of a clutch mechanism on the wings. The group also comprises the Hesperiidae та Zygaenidae due to their day-time activity. The history of entomofauna studies on the terrain of the modern Natural Reserve dates back to 1870, when M. Lomnytsky was exploring the territory by order of the Physiogeographic Committee of Krakow Academic Association. He made the first entomofauna descriptions. The modern studies have been carried out by the author since establishing of the Natural Reserve. The Natural Reserve of «Medobory» is situated on the eastern borderline of Western Podilia. It occupies 9516, 7 ha of the best surviving part of the Tovtry mountain range in Ternopil oblast. The territory features 14 types of natural habitats. The biodiversity facilitated the formation of a specific and rich entomocomplex, which is characteristic of the Forest-Steppe zone. A large area of meadow, steppe, and shrub biocoenosis, which are mainly xerothermic, aided preserving of a variety of steppe species; they are often on the boarder of their areas here. A large area of natural timber stand promoted formation and preserving of the indigenous forest entomocomplex with a range of rare species. Collecting and installing of insects lasted for 16 years according to methods, which are generally accepted in entomology. Currently, the entomological collection comprises 596 exemplars of 101 species of butterflies, which belong to this ecological group due to their lifestyle and certain features of structure. The article provides a systematic list of day lepidopterans with short ecological descriptions. Among the enlisted lepidopterans, the paper highlights 6 species added to the Red List of Ukraine, 3 to the European Red List, and 1 to the list of IUCN. A special attention is paid to the species of steppe and meadow-steppe complex, which were saved here on small islands of biotopes of aborigines, and frontier-areal species, that testifies to the value of the protected territory for maintenance of biodiversity. The article does not lay claim to a final list, as research of butterflies proceeds and the lists will be enriched in the nearest years. Keywords: day lepidopterans, ecological descriptions, natural reserve.

Keywords: day lepidopterans, ecological descriptions, natural reserve

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