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С. А. Приплавко, В. Н. Гавий

Нежинский государственный университет имени Николая Гоголя


В статье приведена сравнительная характеристика влияния препаратов Корневин разных производителей на процессы корнеобразования черенков смородины чёрной (Ribes nigrum L.). Установлена эффективность их действия на показатели укоренения, среднего количества и длинны корней в зависимости от сроков высаживания черенков в осенний период.

Ключевые слова: регуляторы роста растений, черенки смородины, укоренение, длина корней, среднее количество корней


S. O. Pryplavko, V. M. Gaviy

Mykola Hohol Nizhyn State University, Ukraine


Currently the plant growth regulators are widely used in solving many problems in horticultural practice. They are used to accelerate plant growth or its inhibition, rooting of cuttings while transplanting trees to increase yields of some crops, to remove seeds from dormancy, obtaining seedless fruits, dropping leaves and fruits, drying of plants before harvesting. The use of growth regulators allows us to realize more fully genetic opportunities, improve plant resistance against stress factors of biotic and abiatino nature. The growth regulators accelerate the process of rooting, promote rooting of cuttings and what is most importantly contribute a substantial increase in the number of roots and improving the overall development of rooted cuttings. Ultimately the period of cultivation seedlings get shorter and their quality increases. In fact, quite often valuable plants can’t be propagated in a seed way, that’s why the vegetative reproduction has really a great importance in fruit growing and gardening, namely, by lignified and green cuttings. The aim of this research was to establish the influence of preparations Kornevin of different manufacturers on the processes of rooting cuttings of black currants (Ribes nigrum L.) depending on planting dates. In the research we used preparations Kornevin of two firms: Kornevin SP is a preparation of the Russian manufacture (Moscow), rooting based on the 4-(indonil-3-yl) butyric acid and Kornevin TM "Quantum" is a preparation of the Ukrainian production (Kharkiv). It is a complex chelated fertilizer-rooting, hyperaoxyn composition, macronutrients (NPK 19:19:19) and microelements in chelated form. Biologically active substance is hyperaoxyn. The results of researches on the rate of rooting of black currant cuttings in the third week of September most effectively influenced the drug Kornevin TM "Quantum". At that time it has exceeded control rates on 42%. The preparation Kornevin SP in this period stimulated rooting of 35% better than the control. This phenomenon can be explained by the fact that indolilcarnival acid which is included in its composition, is a synthetic analogue of natural auxins and it also stimulates the cell division of parenchyma which determines the growth of cells of the meristem in a stretching phase and the early differentiation of root primordia in the basal part. The indicators of embeddedness under the influence of preparations and control were higher in the second decade of September by 18-23%. The effectiveness of preparations on this rate in October decreases and their use reduces the number of rooted cuttings by 14-17% compared to the control. Such results could be caused by a low activity of hyperaoxyn and indolilcarnival acids at low temperature regimes. Therefore, investigational preparations influenced in the best way on the rate of rooting of cuttings in the third week of September. Their performance exceeded the control on the number of cuttings which rooted for 15-18 things. None of the preparations shouldn’t be used for purposing of rooting of black currant cuttings in October as all the indicators of rooting are below the reference. One of the most important indicators of an effective process of rhisogenes under the action of these preparations is the average number of roots on currants cuttings. As receiving of the more vigorous root system of cuttings will promote the enhanced utilization of nutrients from the soil and rapid growth of plants. The research of the drug effects on the average number of roots on black currant cuttings showed that the greatest number of roots was formed in the variant with using drugs Kornevin TM "Quantum" in the third week of September. In these cuttings the mean number of roots was higher than in the control by 20%. But Kornevin SP was more effective in the second decade of September, exceeding the indicators of the control by 38%. It can be explained by the fact that the physiological polarization of cuttings occurs under the action of rooting. Due to this process, it begins the rapid movement of solids to the lower end of the cuttings and their consumption on the formation of roots. Therefore, the best period for using the preparation Kornevin TM "Quantum" by the number of roots is the third decade of September. But this growth regulator effectively influences this indicator in October as well, as it excesses the rates of the control twice but the number of formed additional roots is further smaller than in the previous period. But the second decade of September is the best period for application of Kornevin SP. While searching of the impact of rootings on the average length of roots on black currant cuttings, it was found that the results of the action of the preparation Kornevin TM "Quantum" are higher than the control results by 44% in the third decade of September. This preparation had the high performance in October exceeding the indicators of the control by 41%. Thereby the average length of the roots increased comparing with the previous time of planting. This can be explained by the fact that the composition of this preparation is composed of Zn2+ which increases the concentration of auxin and accelerates the growth of plants in general. The controller also contains P2O5 which has a positive effect on the plant growth. As a result of the conducted research, it was found that the third decade of September is the best time for planting black currant cuttings according to the majority of investigated indicators. Thus it is worth using of the growth regulator Kornevin TM "Quantum", which has a positive effect on rooting of cuttings, the average number of roots and their length.

Keywords: the regulators of the plant growth, black currant cuttings, rooting, root length, the average number of roots

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